Collection: Ephemeral Collection - Spring 2024

Inspired by the pine out her window that Bean lovingly calls Needles, this collection embodies the fleeting nature of Spring and the transient passage of time.

Pine needles, little rosettes, baby branches, and seeds have filled my studio throughout March as I experimented with textures and compositions for the Ephemeral Collection. Each little organic piece with its own markings and unique shape; frozen in time as the fleeting nature of spring works its magic as we awaken from the primordial frost. Blue Mountain Jasper, Down River Jasper, Vistaite, Regency Plume Agate, fossilized dino bone... all earthy landscapes harkening the awakening of spring. Made with 100% certified recycled sterling silver and recycled silver clay, shipped to you or a loved one in 100% recyclable and biodegradable gift packaging.

In addition to larger and stone-based pieces, I’m excited to have a limited number of sterling spring rosette and seed studs available. 

1% of every purchase of my work goes towards 1% for the Planet. Thanks for helping me support our collective environmental future!