Collection: Potomac River Jewelry Collection

Inspired by the movement and grace of the Potomac river, this collection is crafted with sustainability and versatility in mind. Every piece is made with 100% certified recycled sterling silver (Harmony Brand), which is mine-free and sourced from former pieces of silverware, coins, old jewelry, and dental scrap. Each item is formed and hammered by hand, mimicking flowing water running through stately tree banks. 

All pieces of the Potomac River collection are made to order just for you in the size of your choice where noted. Each item is carefully packed in compostable and recyclable packaging, making it a perfect gift for yourself or a loved one. 5-10% of each Potomac Collection piece sold will be donated to The Potomac Conservancy, protecting and helping to keep the Potomac river clean and beautiful for its surrounding communities and wildlife. To learn more about their work, visit