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I’m Sarah, the maker behind the scenes over here at Bean and Bear Studio. I’m a former behavioral therapist and art teacher that has spent the last 10 years working, researching, and educating in the natural food and retail industry. So much of what I've learned about sustainability and environmental protection has carried over into my personal lifestyle and influences all of my day-to-day decisions for myself and my family. From composting to investing in green energy, we do what we can to minimize and neutralize our impact on the environment. In the last few years, I've reflected on what I've seen happen in the jewelry and fashion industries- the rise of cheaply made garments and accessories at the cost of the planet and the welfare of its people- and have felt myself called to action. As an artist, my ethos is directly inspired by and works to counteract environmental inequities while creating timeless well-crafted jewelry to be cherished for generations.

My studio is inspired and influenced by my two kiddos, nicknamed Bean and Bear. The name serves as a constant reminder of why I’m doing what I’m doing and how I’m doing it - to honor the natural world and protect it for its future inhabitants. Sustainability and sound environmental practices are at the root of my craft and every business decision is carefully weighed with this in mind. Like many others out there, I use recyclable and compostable packaging, however there is oh so much more that goes into running a sustainable studio. I don’t use chemicals and opt for natural cleaners and compounds that are biodegradable. I do not buy plastic materials and reuse and repurpose plastic baggies, packing materials, etc that get sent to me before I eventually recycle them. I collect rainwater to be used in washing and the tumbling of my pieces. I conserve energy as much as possible and turn everything off when not in use, in addition to investing in green electricity. I am a proud 1% for the Planet member and give 1-10% of every purchase to local environmental groups.

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The sourcing of materials used is critical to me, and I only purchase Harmony brand recycled sterling silver which is 3rd party certified post-consumer/mine-free, made in the US and comes from old coins, silverware, jewelry and dental scrap. The stones I use are specifically sourced from small lapidary artists in the US, with a focus on those that have transparent sourcing and use sustainable business practices themselves. Occasionally I will purchase stones imported from other countries that have documented fair trade and ethical sourcing practices. These choices may cost a little more, but have a huge environmental impact and are an investment in our future and that of future generations. The finished product is heirloom-quality jewelry that is environmentally friendly and one of a kind; pieces you can truly wear with ease.

In addition to one-of-a-kind and made to order pieces, I also offer custom creations. I find great fulfillment in working directly with clients to design and create meaningful pieces with intention and purpose. You can fill out a form to request more information and view custom work I have done previously on my contact page. For information regarding Wholesale partnerships and stockists click here.

Thanks for taking a moment to learn more about my studio and my craft! You can find more information on the suppliers and materials I use via the buttons below, as well as my 1% for the Planet member profile: 

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